Honeymoon in Italy, Part 2: Tuscany & Back to Turin

The second week of the trip involved a lot more moving around and a return to driving. Note: Don’t drive in Italy. If you are behind the wheel, you will likely never feel comfortable, whether you are a cautious or aggressive driver. Signs are also confusing. Anyway… Continue reading “Honeymoon in Italy, Part 2: Tuscany & Back to Turin”


Honeymoon in Italy, Part 1: Piemonte & Cinque Terre

So we didn’t just pocket all of the money you gave us for our honeymoon registry last year. After we decided we would be moving abroad, we decided to put off the honeymoon until then.

As most of you know, this is a trip I’ve wanted to take for as long as I can remember. An extra year was almost  more than I could handle. It felt like it’d never get here. It was worth the wait.

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La Vie À Paris

We are now three weeks into our sabbatique, and life in Montreuil is starting to feel more permanent. Some of you have asked what daily life looks like now that we’re jobless in a foreign city, so I’ll fill you in on what we’ve been up to so far.

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A Day In Provins

Last week, we were feeling spontaneous and decided to take a day trip. Anyone who has been here knows that there are endless day-trip options from Paris. We have already been to Versailles and Giverny and were looking for something different. A quick Google search led us to Provins.

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