A Very French Anniversary — And Tons Of Wedding Photos!

Since moving to Paris, we’ve been trying to decide how to celebrate our first anniversary, which was Sunday. We watched the train sites for good deals to Bordeaux, Provence or other domestic locations. We also considered heading out of the country for a few days, because wouldn’t that be a fun way to celebrate? A few weeks ago, however, we had the sudden realization that we live in Paris. Why on earth would we look elsewhere for romance?

We settled on dinner at a sweet little place at the foot of the stairs to Sacré Coeur called — fittingly — Au Pied du Sacré Coeur. We hopped the metro early to grab a glass of wine at a corner café in Place de Clichy, then strolled toward the restaurant, looking longingly at apartment listings along the way.

We made it for our 8 p.m. reservation (the earliest they offered because it’s when they open), and settled in for a VERY French — and very delicious — meal of cuisses de grenouille, escargots, magret de canard, cuisse de lapin and, of course, fromage for dessert.

Our first year of marriage has been a crazy one. As soon as the wedding was over, we started to plan for the possibility of a move to Paris — and we are so glad we did. But, leaving our jobs and a city we love (not to mention all of the people we might not get to see this year) has not come without its challenges.

Over dinner we reflected a bit on the last year and on marriage in general. While marriage brought few surprises for either of us, we both agreed that it is a really nice feeling to have someone to experience life with. I am so looking forward to the 10 months we have left in Paris and the many years that follow — and I can’t imagine experiencing them with anyone else.

With that, I will leave you with many many photos of our wedding day because we never put them on Facebook. Sorry there are so many. But every time I look at them, my heart feels like it’s going to explode. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A Very French Anniversary — And Tons Of Wedding Photos!

  1. Sarah

    I’m loving your blog — your photographers got some amazing photos! Happy Anniversary! (Or should I say Joyeux anniversaire de marriage!) Glad you got to celebrate with a super yummy meal. xxoo


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