Fall (And Halloween) In Paris

When it comes to seasons in Paris, spring gets all the glory. And truthfully, it’s hard to argue against it. The flowers are in bloom, little birds flit through the gardens, and everything feels all dreamy and romantic. But Paris is great all year (except in August when almost everything shuts down), and we have particularly enjoyed this fall.

Fall in Paris is not that far off from fall at home as far as the seasonal delights are concerned. Although the colors are a little less vibrant than in Minnesota (more yellows, fewer reds), the season seems to last a little longer (no snow yet!). The air is crisp, and apples, pumpkins and other squashes have made their way to the markets. Our neighborhood brewery even released a pumpkin (potiron) beer last week, and we made sure to stop by on Saturday to stock up.

We’ve been lucky to have lots of sun and mild temperatures lately, so we have spent much of our time wandering around parks admiring the scenery. We walked to Bois de Vincennes — an extremely expansive park in the chic neighboring suburb — twice, explored Jardins des Plantes and Arenes de Lutece in the 5th arrondissement, took a stroll down the Promenade Plantée, and wandered around by the Seine.

With fall, of course, comes Halloween — even in Paris, sort of. While we’re not usually ones for costume parties at bars (opting instead for scary movies at home), this year we agreed to fully celebrate the holiday with our friends. After we were told that our costumes must be obviously costumes to get into the bars, we showed up in this:



When we finished getting ready at home, my aunt, uncle, the neighbors and their two kids (who were not dressing up), came over to point and laugh. That was followed by a very long 20-minute metro ride, during which we were continuously stared at. In the end, half of the people at the bar we went to were not even in costumes — and my costume was by far the most obvious among our friends. At least everyone knew who we were. 🙂


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