Visiting Normandy And The Somme

While originally planning another short trip to check out another nearby city — this time Amiens — I realized how close the city is to part of the Western Front of WWI. For this we’d need a car or an (expensive) tour. After finding a good rental car deal, we quickly put together a four-day trip to check out some of the most important WWI and WWII sites here in France.

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A New Take On Travel And 31 Hours In Orléans

Last weekend, over a few glasses of wine, Andy and I had a long conversation about traveling and how to get the most out of it. Although we’ve been to six countries in our first four months, it felt like something was missing. All of the cathedrals and castles were starting to look the same, and the cities we visited weren’t always feeling that different from each other.

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So Long Krakow, And Thanks For All The Cabbage

One of the things that lessened the stress while we were preparing for the big move was knowing that Erin’s family would be spending the holidays with us. Still, being away from so many family and friends was not a great feeling. So, to ensure we maintained appropriate levels of holiday cheer, we all decided to spend a few days in a festive destination before spending Christmas in Paris. Krakow, Poland, was the big winner.

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