Norway Part 3: From Oslo to Bergen

For my third and final post about Norway, I’ve decided to just throw a ton of photos at you. If I haven’t said it already, Norway might be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Plus, the cities are nice and the people are friendly. If you are considering going to Norway, I strongly suggest you do it.


We were pretty exhausted both times we were in Oslo from other traveling, so we skipped the museums (even though there are some good ones) in favor of slow walks through the city. While I wouldn’t call Oslo the most exciting place I’ve ever been, there is plenty to do, a good food scene and, if you’re lucky, a medal ceremony for the Biathlon World Championships to watch.

Norway In A Nutshell

The Norway in a Nutshell package gets you this: a train ticket from Oslo to Myrdal, a ticket for the Flam railway (Myrdal to Flam), a ticket for a fjord cruise, a ticket for a bus ride from the fjord to the Voss train station, then a ticket from Voss to Bergen. At least that’s the version we did. In total, it took about 12 hours. It was a long day, and every second of it was breathtaking. These photos do not do it justice, but hopefully they pique your interest in visiting this stunning country.


After Norway in a Nutshell, we arrived in Bergen around 8:30 p.m. and left for the airport around 1 p.m. the next day. It was a short visit, but Bergen is a small city, so we were able to get a decent feel for it by getting an early start. It is as charming as pictures always make it seem, and you can get great reindeer sausages for cheap.

Side note: If you stay in Bergen and are interested in renting a room in a local’s apartment, consider staying with Stale. He had the best accommodations and was so incredibly friendly and hospitable. At the very least, check out his restaurant, Naboen. It was the best meal we had in Norway.

We’ve been to a lot of places in the last seven months. As I think about my favorites, Norway has risen to the top, in part because of my Norwegian heritage, but also because we were constantly in awe of the landscape around us. What I’ve concluded — and I know I am far from alone in this — is that Natural beauty is worth traveling for, and I think we’ll be seeking out a lot more of it in the future.


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