Fighting FOMO With Croissants

In the last week, it dawned on us that we have LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS left in Paris. With return tickets purchased and a lease freshly signed for an apartment in Minneapolis, the end of this adventure is feeling alarmingly close. We’ve started to go into panic mode about the things (food) we haven’t tried yet — or the things we just haven’t tried ENOUGH of.

To ensure we do not leave Paris with any food regrets, we’ve started to indulge (even more than before). We’ve visited the cheesemonger twice this week. We’ve been splitting a baguette almost daily. Wine with lunch? Bien sûr! And we’re not feeling bad about it. Because these things are part of French culture, and they’re things that we will most definitely miss when we leave in August.

Today, we indulged by doing a croissant taste test. We spent an hour this morning running around to five different bakeries in our neighborhood purchasing one croissant aux beurre at each. Much like our macaron taste test (if you’ve been following along on Instagram), we lined them up, cut them in half and dove in.

DSC_0981_800x533DSC_0980_800x533 (1)DSC_0975_800x533DSC_0984_533x800DSC_0994_533x800 (1)DSC_0990_800x533DSC_0986_800x533DSC_0012_800x533DSC_1000_533x800DSC_0999_800x533DSC_0002_800x533DSC_0005_800x533DSC_0016_800x533DSC_0021_800x533

Surprisingly, each had distinct differences in taste and texture. Also surprisingly, there was a clear winner. It was flakey and buttery and had a light brushstroke of sweet glaze on the top that made it extra special.


Unfortunately, the two we liked the least (the two on the right) came from the two bakeries that are closest to our house. But I guess some extra walking wouldn’t kill us if we’re treating ourselves to croissants.

Well, Andy just walked up here to let me know that it’s almost time to have cheese. I’m not kidding. So, with that I will wrap this up. Expect to see more food-heavy posts between now and the end of August. With a ton of visitors heading our way over the next two months, we’ll be making sure they have plenty of opportunities to indulge with us.

As always, thanks for following along, and bon dimanche à tous!


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