Lagos and the Algarve Coast

We were adamant that part of our Portugal and Spain trip include some time at the beach. A tip from a friend led us to the coast of the Algarve in Portugal. We stayed in Lagos, which is on the far western end of the southern coast. We took an easy 4-hour bus ride from Lisbon and settled in for some sun and relaxation.

We spent the vast majority of our time on Praia de Camilo, which happened to be the easiest beach to access from our Airbnb. I had seen pictures of the beach and others before our stay, but it’s really a different thing to watch it come into view as you make your way down the (very long) staircase.

Since we beat the August rush, the beaches were busy but not so crowded we couldn’t find a spot. We didn’t spend much time in the city of Lagos other than a half day for lunch and poking around, and we cooked most of our meals since our apartment came with a balcony that we wanted to enjoy. We did do some hiking along the coast, and the views were worth enduring the intense sun.

I don’t have much else to say about this area except that it’s stunning and you should go. Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from the trip, which I tried really hard to narrow down to a manageable amount from roughly 350.
DSC_0279_800x533DSC_0278_800x533DSC_0280_800x533 (1)DSC_0283_800x533DSC_0285_533x800DSC_0294_800x533DSC_0296_533x800DSC_0303_800x533 (1)DSC_0312_800x533DSC_0328_800x533DSC_0358_800x533 (1)DSC_0386_800x533DSC_0391_800x533DSC_0390_800x533
DSC_0395_800x533DSC_0399_800x533DSC_0414_800x533 (1)DSC_0422_800x533DSC_0429_800x533 (1)DSC_0446_800x533 (1)DSC_0461_533x800DSC_0467_800x533 (1)DSC_0482_800x533 (1)DSC_0489_533x800DSC_0498_800x533DSC_0504_533x800 (1)DSC_0519_800x533DSC_0528_800x533 (2)DSC_0533_800x533 (1)DSC_0539_533x800DSC_0551_800x533 (2)IMG_0627_800x532DSC_0557_800x533 (1)DSC_0571_800x533 (1)DSC_0572_533x800DSC_0574_800x533DSC_0576_533x800DSC_0590_533x800DSC_0591_800x533 (1)DSC_0596 (1)_800x533DSC_0605_800x533


4 thoughts on “Lagos and the Algarve Coast

  1. “…but it’s really a different thing to watch it come into view.” Love this! I definitely agree with you. I find it interesting that the beaches are so empty in your pictures. We went down there in early July and the beaches were packed, especially the one in your pictures.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. I took my camera down to the beach one morning — probably around 10 a.m. — to get some pictures without big crowds. In the afternoons, they were much more crowded than in these pictures, but still so stunning!

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