La Vie À Paris, Partie Deux

This blog over the last few months has turned into a bit of a travelogue. Which makes sense, I guess, but we are doing some fun stuff here in Paris as well. So, with the new year, and after talking to some friends and family recently, we feel like we should update everyone a little more on our everyday doings.

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Weekend In Madrid

The Spanish (and in this case, immigrants) know how to have a good time. It may be why their economy remains one of the worst in Europe, but dammit, they won’t let you visit without completely sucking you in. As a first-timer, I am hooked and cannot wait to go back.

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A Very French Anniversary — And Tons Of Wedding Photos!

Since moving to Paris, we’ve been trying to decide how to celebrate our first anniversary, which was Sunday. We watched the train sites for good deals to Bordeaux, Provence or other domestic locations. We also considered heading out of the country for a few days, because wouldn’t that be a fun way to celebrate? A few weeks ago, however, we had the sudden realization that we live in Paris. Why on earth would we look elsewhere for romance?

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