Fighting FOMO With Croissants

In the last week, it dawned on us that we have LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS left in Paris. With return tickets purchased and a lease freshly signed for an apartment in Minneapolis, the end of this adventure is feeling alarmingly close. We’ve started to go into panic mode about the things (food) we haven’t tried yet — or the things we just haven’t tried ENOUGH of.

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Parc Jean-Moulin

After hiking up what felt like miles of stairs, we bent over, hands on our knees, and struggled to catch our breath. We had decided to check out the neighborhood park, and I was now hoping it was worth the climb. (Living off of wine and cheese doesn’t do much for endurance.) After watching a few runners whiz by us, we pulled ourselves together and began to make our way through the park.

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La Maison De Montreuil

It’s 12:33 p.m. and I’m starving. Last night, my uncle warned us that my aunt had a meeting in the morning so she would be up earlier than normal – meaning we might hear her earlier than normal. The meeting, it appears, is being held here, in her studio, which is just off the kitchen of the house. After peeking down over the edge of our lofted bedroom, it also appears that the meeting involves a film shoot. Now, I’m afraid to go downstairs.

So, while we’re stuck up here, I’ll take a little time to fill you in on exactly where we’re living.

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